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Chartsmart Hidden Feature

Saturday September 26, 2015

There is a feature in Chartsmart that anyone with stock charting software may find useful. As you know Chartsmart is one of the best stock screening tools for US and Canadian Equities available today. With Chartsmart you can run a screen on the universe of 12,000 equities and for example if you get 434 that match your fundamental and technical criteria, YOU CAN EXPORT THE SYMBOLS TO OTHER SOFTWARE AND CONVERT THE CHARTSMART SYMBOLOGY TO YOUR SOFTWARE SYMBOLOGY AUTOMATICALLY. For example, Chartsmart shows BMO TO as the symbol for BMO but you can convert it to BMO.T as part of your export process, or T.BMO or whatever matches your software. Watch the video below for a complete demonstration of this feature.

Chartsmart Video on Exporting Stock Symbols to other Software.

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Chartsmart Hidden Feature
Posted by chartsmart at 04:09 pm

Number of stocks on the TSX venture under 5 cents compared to 10 years ago

Friday September 04, 2015

    One of the great benefits of Chartsmart is that we have the historical data for the end of data.
    Here are some interesting statistics on the TSX Venture Exchange.

    Below are shown the figures for 3 years 2005, 2010, and 2015. The first figure is the date, the second is the number of stocks with a bid, the third are the number under 5 cents, and finally the percentage under 5 cents.

    2,605 listed
    245 under 5 cents

    2,158 listed
    377 under 5 cents

    2,011 listed
    1,038 under 5 cents

    The TSX Venture Index chart shows clearly the large drop in the index over the past 10 years but the above figures highlight the impact on the penny stocks. Basically in 10 years the percent of stocks on the exchange under 5 cents a share has gone from 9.4 percent to over 50% of the exchange. During this period there have been an increasing number of reverse splits. Hopefully over the next few months or years this consolidation period will turn into a new phase of growth for the Canadian Venture Exchange. Possibly, if this does occur, the percentage gains on the many stocks that are under 5 cents will be significant.

    © 2017, ChartSmart Inc.

    Number of stocks on the TSX venture under 5 cents compared to 10 years ago
    Posted by chartsmart at 06:09 pm

Chartsmart has tremendous candlestick screening capabilies

Tuesday August 25, 2015

If you are looking for a stock screener and stock charting program that will screen out North America Stocks on various candlestick patterns, Chartsmart can do the trick. This video shows how:

Chartsmart Candlestick Screening Video

You will notice if you watch the complete video, you can for example screen out stocks with the following candlestick screens.  What is really amazing is that you can then go back to chartsmart, display your candlestick charts, and scroll through the results of your screens.  Don’t underestimate Chartsmart.  It is worth taking your free trial.

Candlestick – Bearish – Continuation – Falling Methods     
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Abandoned Baby       
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Breakaway           
Candlestick – Bearish – Continuation – Three Line Strke      
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Three Black Crows     
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Identical Three Crows     
Candlestick – Bearish – Continuation – Downside Gap 3 Methods    
Candlestick – Bearish – Continuation – Tasuki Gap        
Candlestick – Bearish – Continuation – Side by Side White Lines       
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Advanced Block        
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Deliberation  
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Evening Doji Star       
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Evening Star      
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – 3 Inside Down     
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – 3 Outside Down   
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Tri Star      
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – 2 Crows       
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Upside Gap 2 Crows      
Candlestick – Bearish – Continuation – In Neck       
Candlestick – Bearish – Continuation – On Neck      
Candlestick – Bearish – Continuation – Separating Lines     
Candlestick – Bearish – Continuation – Thrusting       
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Dark Cloud Cover         
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Doji Star        
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Engulfing  
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Harami      
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Harami Cross       
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Kicking     
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Meeting Lines            
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Shooting Star        
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Belt Hold       
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Hanging Man          
Candlestick – Bearish – Reversal – Tweezer Top      
Candlestick – Bullish – Continuation – Mat Hold    
Candlestick – Bullish – Continuation – Rising 3 Methods   
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Breakaway       
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Ladder Bottom       
Candlestick – Bullish – Continuation – 3 Line Strike    
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Concealing Baby Swallow   
Candlestick – Bullish – Continuation – Side by Side White lin    
Candlestick – Bullish – Continuation – Upside Gap 3 Methods      
Candlestick – Bullish – Continuation – Upside Tasuki Gap        
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Abandoned Baby      
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Morning Doji Star    
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Morning Star    
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Stick Sandwich  
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – 3 Inside Up      
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – 3 Outside Up        
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – 3 Stars to South         
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – 3 White Soldiers      
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Tri Star     
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Unique 3 River Bottom  
Candlestick – Bullish – Continuation – Separating Lines   
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Doji Star      
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Engulfing     
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Harami     
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Harami Cross        
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Homing Pidgeon     
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Inverted Hammer        
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Kicking       
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Matching Low         
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Meeting Lines        
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Piercing Line    
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Belt Hold    
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Hammer      
Candlestick – Bullish – Reversal – Tweezer Bottom 

© 2017, ChartSmart Inc.

Chartsmart has tremendous candlestick screening capabilies
Posted by chartsmart at 03:08 pm

A review of the TSX venture performance using Chartsmart

Sunday August 16, 2015

Hello to those wondering why the TSX venture has been so bad in the last few years:

TSX Venture to Dow 30 (blue line)
TSX Venture to GLD (blue line)

Included above is a Chartsmart chart of the DOW10 versus the junior penny stock index. You can see the blue line is the DOW and it has had steady growth since the crash of 2009.

The TSXV though went up after the crash a bit and then the correlation broke down in 2011. Whatever has supported the blue chip stocks on US markets clearly has not been there for the TSXV.

The second chart is the TSX venture to GLD NY (GOLD). The TSXV is no longer weighted as heavily by gold stocks as it is more tech as well. It does have about 15% oil stocks though. Anyway, the TSXV dropped from 2500 in feb 2011 to 1/2 of its value by the end of 2012. In the same time gold went sideways. To suggest the drop in price in gold was the cause for a 50% haircut in the venture would not be applicable for that period. Now since 2013 gold has dropped a lot, along with oil which may be like the nail in the coffin to the venture bringing it from 1250 down to its current 570.

In addition July 2015 has been an exeptionally bad month for the penny stocks. You can see the chart dropped in the last month or 2 from about 700 to 570.

So what will happen to the venture? It is now lower than its low after the 2009 crash. It was then as low as 683 only for a few days/weeks but now it is 575. Lots of stocks have been consolidated on the TSXV but with oil down there are likely many that have yet to go out of business. Many who had carried high debt and been able to survive by getting new private placements will not longer be able to do so. There already have been more amalgamations where defeated stocks with cash and no properties have combine with stocks with no property but some cash (e.g. ALR+MEX =>RST then rollback 1:10)

I expect gradually there will be restructured companies that will start to do better, while much restructuring and thinning out of the venture will continue.

Just a few thoughts and illustration of how devastating the penny stocks have been in Canada. If you were long on penny stocks and lost a lot of money, don’t blame yourself for making bad picks. If there is any blame it is for being in it as it has drifted in the last few years, but then we all do what we know. Sometimes it is just circumstance that we end up knowing about something and we stick with it. If you had learned web design 20 years ago then you would simply have been in the right place with what you knew.

Now the question comes for all whether it is worth staying with the TSX venture in the hope that it will show improvement in the future. I am guessing it’s downfall is now going to end while the restructuring continues. The only thing that will cause it to go down more will be that it trails a decline in the big markets if such event
occurs. Ultimately sentiment is what drives the penny stocks. Even if they were all tech stocks now the penny stock index would probably be down as it is simply because the sentiment is so bad. I expect there will be a day though when it comes to life again.

© 2017, ChartSmart Inc.

A review of the TSX venture performance using Chartsmart
Posted by chartsmart at 04:08 pm

Did you know – TSX Venture Price Distribution Chart

Monday August 10, 2015

Did you know that in Chartsmart stock screening software you can do a distribution chart for your screens. For example did you know that of the approximately 2125 stocks that trade on the TSX Venture exchange, about 80% are under .37 cents. In addition about 85% of the stocks trade under one dollar. This is a sample of a distribution chart that you can create in Chartsmart ( – free 30 day trial.

Click here to see the Link to the Distribution Chart Created in Chartsmart!

© 2017, ChartSmart Inc.

Did you know – TSX Venture Price Distribution Chart
Posted by chartsmart at 08:08 am

Why is Chartsmart Stock Screening Software better?

Thursday July 10, 2014

In the past 20 years since Chartsmart has been available, a lot of new web based investment tools have come available, many of them free.

Chartsmart still carries on though after over 20 years of being a pioneer in the stock screening and charting software business. One of the main reasons Chartsmart is better is because you can run VERY DETAILED screens on both stock fundamentals and technicals at the same time, then easily scroll through the screened Charts. This does not sound like a big deal but it is surprising how many software tools out there just don’t have it all. In addition the technical screens in Chartsmart can be quite sophisticated. For example, to specify stocks are just trading at their year low and breaking out, but at the same time have dividends over 3% and revenue growth in the last 3 years is not a screen that a lot of tools can do. In addition, because Chartsmart runs on your PC it uses your own computer power. This is MUCH MUCH faster, plus you get the added benefit of security since you are not using a web based tool. You only use Chartsmart to download updates then you can do your work off line.

Try Chartsmart. It has a 30 day free trial at Watch the demo video and begin using an established and amazing stock screening tool!!

Bob Stranks
President, Chartsmart Software Inc.

© 2017, ChartSmart Inc.

Why is Chartsmart Stock Screening Software better?
Posted by chartsmart at 05:07 pm

ChartSmart Stock Screening – How to properly run a screen

Thursday October 31, 2013

Play this video now!

This Video shows the basic and proper way to run a screen in Chartsmart. It explains filter groups, filter sets and critieria.

© 2017, ChartSmart Inc.

ChartSmart Stock Screening – How to properly run a screen
Posted by chartsmart at 05:10 pm

How the Primary Sectors of the TSX Venture are divided.

Thursday October 31, 2013

Play this Video Now!

This is a video of the Junior Sectors on the TSX Venture exchange.(ie. oil and gas, mining). A graph of how the 10 or 11 basic sectors shows how they are broken down. This is a very revealing video that illustrates the predominance of mining and energy stocks on the TSX Venture Exchange.

© 2017, ChartSmart Inc.

How the Primary Sectors of the TSX Venture are divided.
Posted by chartsmart at 05:10 pm

Chartsmart Video on Creating Custom Formulas

Thursday October 31, 2013

Play this Video Now!

One of the most powerful features in Chartsmart Stock Charting and Screening software is making your own custom formulas. This video helps show how this is done in Chartsmart.

© 2017, ChartSmart Inc.

Chartsmart Video on Creating Custom Formulas
Posted by chartsmart at 05:10 pm

Chartsmart Video on creating a custom screen to find TSX Venture stocks with Current Assets Exceeding Total Liabilities

Thursday October 31, 2013

Play this Video

A video using a custom formula to screen Canadian Juniors where the Current Assets exceed the total liabiilites, along with some other technical criteria.

© 2017, ChartSmart Inc.

Chartsmart Video on creating a custom screen to find TSX Venture stocks with Current Assets Exceeding Total Liabilities
Posted by chartsmart at 05:10 pm

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