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Chartsmart Software nearly 25 years in business

Tuesday February 06, 2018

As we restart our news blog we thought it would be worth mentioning that Chartsmart now approaches its 25th year in business.  Given the significant and rapid changes that have occurred in the internet and technology over the past years we are proud to say that we still continue with a strong subscriber base, many who have been with us for over 2 decades.

Chartsmart began as a simple private database program attempting to screen out stocks that had low cap and low prices on the TSX Venture exchange.   There were no charts, only a basic screening ability.  Then we branched into chartbooks for the Canadian Venture Exchange and learned the sophisticated programming required to create stock charts.  It was not too much longer before we then took over the Independent Survey Company, the Red and Blue book, that had existed for over 45 years.    While we made chartbooks, updates for a basic Chartsmart program were provided on 3 1/2 inch diskettes mailed monthly.  It was even some time before we were able to get emailing the update files to work reliably.  As high speed internet came on we continued to develop Chartsmart into a sophisticated stock charting and screening program that covered Canadian and U.S. exchanges.   Now individuals can download the stand-alone software in only seconds onto their PC.

One of the critical advances made in recent years was incorporating fundamentals into our screens, in conjunction with technical indicators.   In addition you will not find many software packages that will display the fundamentals on the stock charts. along with the technicals.

We want to thank all of our subscribers throughout the years, and those who still remain users of Chartsmart for being a part of its development.  Now we continue, though we are also branching into new areas in the financial industry.   We wish you all the greatest success possible in your investing in 2018.

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The Chartsmart Team

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Chartsmart Software nearly 25 years in business
Posted by chartsmart at 02:02 am

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