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A neat new feature in Chartsmart (Exclude ETFs from your screens)

Thursday June 21, 2018

There are so many ETFS (Exchange Traded Funds) now that it is difficult to tell whether a symbol is a stock or an etf.  In fact of about 8000 trading symbols on AMEX, NEW YORK, and NASDAQ, over 1800 are ETFS.  In Canada over 250 of about 4000 symbols are ETFS.  It can be very confusing if you just want to look at ETFS, or if you just want to look at stocks that are NOT ETFS.  Well Chartsmart has a great new feature for this.  If you go to the top of the Charting Menu and click on DISPLAY, then on MISC DISPLAY SETTINGS, option 16 will allow you to include or exclude ETFS from your screens.  For example if you want to look at NYSE and NASDAQ equities but not include ETFS you can select to exclude ETFS and whenever you run a screen you can scroll through the charts of your screened list and be assured these are real companies!

Personally I think this is a great feature because if you are concerned about fundamentals, you can scroll through the stocks in you list and few the fundamentals on the charts in Chartsmart, without viewing ETFS when you might not know otherwise!

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A neat new feature in Chartsmart (Exclude ETFs from your screens)
Posted by chartsmart at 03:06 pm

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