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New Chartsmart Feature (Automatic Update of your data to save you time)

Thursday June 21, 2018

Most subscribers do not know but there is a way for Chartsmart to automatically do your daily update, even if you are not present.  Though Chartsmart updates are quite simple there is a simple step to make it even easier.  If you go to the Charting Menu and click on DISPLAY then MISC DISPLAY SETTINGS you can select checkbox 14 which will automatically update Chartsmart when you start Chartsmart.  You can even go another step and click on checkbox 15 which will close Chartsmart automatically after your update.

If you want to get really fancy you can use the WINDOWS SCHEDULER or any scheduler app to start Chartsmart at a preset time, maybe 5 PM Pacific, since data updates are usually up by 4:30 Pacific Time.  This way Chartsmart will start, then if checkboxes 14 and 15 are on, it should update and close automatically so it is ready to go when you come to your computer.  Another neat Chartsmart feature!

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New Chartsmart Feature (Automatic Update of your data to save you time)
Posted by chartsmart at 03:06 pm

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