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Some New Chartsmart Features

Thursday July 26, 2018

Here are some videos on some of the new features coming in Chartsmart Version 5.0. The videos below are done in our new video format.

A) The Exclude ETFS Feature
when checked on allows you to exclude ETFS from your screens. For example a screen of NYSE securities might give 4100 securities but if you exclude ETFS it might be more like 2600 securities that are real companies.

B) The Alternate SYMBOL SEARCH option
allows you to search for a symbol by string match, not just by SYMBOL or COMPANY NAME. This helps you find stock charts for symbols you may not be sure of.

C) The Auto Update Option
allows you to do you Chartsmart updates automatically while you are not there.

D) The PRINT charts to PDF
allows you to print an unlimited number of pdfs of charts to a folder. For example 100 charts with 4 charts per page.

E) The Backup Emergency
runs a lot like windows restore. Each time you start Chartsmart it saves your custom lists for the last 15 times you started Chartsmart then if you lose something you can always restore from a previous automatic backup.

F) Linking to the Internet
allows you to get intraday quotes, news, financials, insider info, and much more from the web for the chart you are viewing in Chartsmart. In addition you can also click on the GLOBE in Chartsmart and that will give you all the quotes for the stocks in your watch list, portfolio, or filtered list up to 70 on one page.

G) Universal Form Settings
now enables you to change the color of the menu backgrounds in Chartsmart to better suit you plus you can enlarge or change the fonts of the help boxes so they are more readable.

H) More Assistance in Chartsmart.
We have now offered more help and immediate access to the videos on our web page within the software. On almost every menu now there is a small GREEN help button that starts with a V that when played, will give you a short video on how that specific menu works. For example, how to understand the ZWTCH watch list menu.

I) Custom Formulas, Custom Filter Alerts, and Backtesting.
This video gives an overview of the incredible unique capabilities of Chartsmart when it comes to creating your own custom formulas, creating alerts that will display on charts when your filter criteria sets are triggered, and comparing your filter sets by backtesting over specific periods. Again this video is an overview and not meant to teach the details but possibly trigger your imagination as to how you can customize Chartsmart to screen out the US and Canadian stocks that you want. This is quite a long and somewhat overwhelming video so anyone who can see it from beginning to end .. congratulations!

There is lots more coming in Chartsmart Version 5.0 Stock Charting and Screening Software!

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Some New Chartsmart Features
Posted by chartsmart at 12:07 pm

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