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Chartsmart Backtesting and Upgrade

Tuesday July 02, 2019

As of July 2, 2019 a new Build of Chartsmart has been posted so if you are a subscriber be sure to go to HELP and ABOUT CHARTSMART and download the upgrade. If you are going to try Chartsmart, you should note we have upgraded our backtesting capabilities. Basically you can make your own custom screens such as MACD crossovers, Candle stick patters, breakouts and so on. Then with the backtest feature you can test them any number of days back. You can for example take 5 of your best screens and say what stocks would they have screen out 20 days ago. Then you can compare the ROR for the results of each screen, enabling you to rank them. The capabilities of Chartsmart are getting greater than ever before.

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Chartsmart Backtesting and Upgrade
Posted by chartsmart at 03:07 pm

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