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Monday November 18, 2019

Chartsmart has been around for over 25 years. Basically one can think of Chartsmart as a stock screener with many layers.

1) The simplest is technical and fundamental screens. For example to specify a stock is within 20% of its year low, that it has an RSI14 less than 30, and maybe that it is on the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges.

2) The next level of screening is the creation of your own custom formulas. There are 100′s of variables such as the 14 day RSI, Balance sheet items and so on. These variables can be combined to create screens on various exchanges and groups. For example, you could specify #tmcurrass#/#tmtotlia#>1.5. This would mean you want only stocks where the current assets are 50% bigger than the total liabilities.

3) The next level of screening goes beyond any other stock screening software. Not only can you do regular and custom screens for the current day. You can also do them for multiple days. This enables you to actually determine the trend of indicators. For example you could specify an #rsi14#>70 which would mean the 14 day rsi is below 70. Further though you could specify #RSI14#>70.AND.#5RSI14#<40 which would mean the rsi is over 70 today but 5 days ago (or whatever you specify) it is under 40. This results in the trend of the indicator matching your parameters.

Chartsmart is an incredible screening tool and that is why it has endured over the last 25 years in the presence of many other stock screeners that have come and gone. Chartsmart screens are limited only to your imagination as there are just so many possible combinations.

This has just been a quick recap on Chartsmart stock screening capabilities!

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Chartsmart Stock Screening
Posted by chartsmart at 12:11 am

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