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You have visited the Chartsmart web page to find a solution to a very difficult problem. This problem is how to screen for investments that will make you money. Just as our financial efforts are an optimization problem, so are our efforts to preserve Life and the Planet Earth. The Life and Earth project, created by myself, the developer of Chartsmart, is a web page and book that discusses the impact of technology on all Life and the Planet. Feel free to learn more about the Life and Earth Project or simply just visit the web page where you can download the book on-line absolutely free. This is the same book that has been sent to many world leaders and influencial world decision makers.

The welfare of Life and Earth impacts all of us. As a philanthropic effort, the book "Life and Earth", has been sent to over 900 world leaders. "Life and Earth" is a detailed discussion on how the side effects of our technologies are impacting Life and the Planet. It is meant to help us all understand our existence, appreciate what we have, and make the best decisions possible to protect ourselves, all life, and future generations, given that we are faced with an uncertain future due to the side effects of our technnologies. I have included "Life and Earth" on the Chartsmart web page for those who might find it of interest.

As we face dangers such as nuclear proliferation, human created climate change, risks related to artificial intelligence, man-made viruses, and many other side-effects of our technologies, it will become more and more necessary for countries and cultures to learn to cooperate. Globalization may now be what is necessary in order for Life and Earth to survive, yet in many ways this does not seem to be the trend. "Life and Earth" proposes that intelligent global cooperation and a global education system to complement existing education systems, may be necessary in order for the human species to survive our somewhat uncertain future.

The hard copy book of "Life and Earth" is a part of the Life and Earth Project whereby it is published privately and sent free to world leaders. This effort is done with the hope that it will help bring us all closer to a greater understanding of ourselves and all Life. Reception has been exceptional in the form of many appreciative letters, many of them directly from world leaders. As a result, a more significant effort may soon be underway in order to make "Life and Earth" more available to world leaders and those decision makers who have an impact on global policies.

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