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Feedback from ChartSmart Subscribers

Hi, and Happy New Year.

Thank-you for ChartSmart software! It made me a profitable investor and will enable me to retire from my dental practice when I am ready to retire. Thanks for all my early technical help in the proper use of ChartSmart. I would recommend it to all investors.

Congratulations to you and your team! I'm impressed! This is one of the most powerful, well thought out, and best priced systems out there. There are a few other indicators and tools I'd like to see but I understand this is a work in progress. Good work!

ChartSmart is our main technical research tool at Stocks and Speculations. We use ChartSmart daily for everything from simple charting to the most robust and specific search and filter applications. ChartSmart enables us to scan, sort, and classify thousands of companies in mere minutes and file our results for easy retrieval. Thank you for a great product. We wholeheartedly endorse and recommend ChartSmart." - Brian Fagan, Editor and Publisher

You have done an outstanding job of improving ChartSmart and in upgrading your service for Y2K. The building process has been especially well done considering the many significant changes and substantial additions you made. I would recommend your service as an essential tool for any serious investor that wants to be well ahead of the market. You can quote me!

I worked with the 1.10 version on the CD and I must say the product is hugely improved. It was good before but this is fantastic - especially the audio help. I learned more with that in half an hour than I ever did with the old manual. I guess I am going to have to go back and take a refresher course on all the charting methodologies; therein lies a market opportunity for you - create a separate CD with explanations of the various charting techniques and sell it as an optional extra - for serious $$!

Just a short message to congratulate you on all you have achieved this year with Chartsmart - it's the greatest!

I figured that if I waited a day or two I would receive an email from you telling me what happened and what to do to fix it. Sure enough, you came through in your usual prompt fashion. I did what you instructed and everything is ok now. I just wanted to let you know that I think your programs, data service and tech support are ALL first rate. The audio help is a fantastic idea. It's classroom instruction at my own computer. Thanks again.

The disk arrived yesterday and I installed it last night. I only put in the Canadian Info. I have a 200 mhz Pentium with a 4 gig hard drive and 64k RAM. It runs the program perfectly even when I am on the Net with several Stockwatch windows open. Now that I have spent a few minutes figuring the program out, I have only one word to describe it: BRILLIANT!! I will now have to put in some serious time on it in order to take advantage of all its incredible features. Thanks again for creating it.

Also wanted to say, boy am I going to enjoy working with this program!

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