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Videos are the best way for users to learn the powerful screening abilities of ChartSmart. The 1st is our detailed video attempting to cover all Chartsmart features. The 2nd video is a basic introduction to Chartsmart and the 3rd below is an introduction to the screening capabilities. Sections 4, 5, and 6 are collections of videos on the Charting Menu (3), the Filter Menu (4), and custom videos (5) on various subjects.

Just a note that when you run Chartsmart there are often green buttons on the menus with a V in front of a number on it (e.g. V-189). When you click on these buttons when in Chartsmart they will play an on-line video pertaining to that specific menu. This gives great immediate help to the user. Many of the videos in sections 4, 5, and 6 are called up by those green buttons. Section 5 on the Filter Menu also includes some videos on screening strategies. By the way, if you have a specific problem, we often create personal videos for users to assist them. Be sure to email us if you have any questions whatsoever.

1) Introductory Detailed Video

This is our main detailed Chartsmart video (75 minutes).

2) Introductory General Video

A general tour of most of the features in Chartsmart (41.15 minutes).

3) Introductory Screening Video

How to run screens and the variety of screens available (8.25 minutes).

4) Charting Menu Videos

Basic buttons on the charting menu (e.g. the NEXT button to display a chart).

5) Filter Menu Videos

The filter menu buttons and sample screening strategies. (e.g. MACD crossovers).

6) Custom Videos

These are custom videos discussing a variety of subjects.

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Although we attempt to provide all investment information with the intent of maximum accuracy, ChartSmart Software and any other parties, accept no liability for it's use. The data provided may not be reproduced in any form and users are prohibited from reselling or redistributing the data. Fundamental Data is provided by Morningstar. U.S. end of day quote data is provided by Morningstar. Use of the data is at your own risk and is hereby disclaimed by the ChartSmart and any associated suppliers. ChartSmart daily updates are available at about 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time. Fundamental data is updated on approximately a monthly basis. ANY DISTRIBUTION FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.