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These videos come from our daily REVIEW MESSAGES window in Chartsmart. Periodically, after their daily update, a message window pops up that gives information to the user after they leave the data menu. This message window can be arrived at with REVIEW MESSAGES. In it also provide videos and below is a summary of those videos. They cover a variety of subjects.

play video 1) How to use a current filter set that may include many criteria, and make it into a template to make other similar filter sets.

play video 2) Using the world icons in the port, zwatch, and grp menus to view intraday stock quotes and intraday news for all stocks in the list.

play video 3) Using the relative performance feature to compare the divergence of the Blue Chip stocks and Canadian Juniors in the last 3 years.

play video 4) An introductory video to screening out Canadian Junior stocks that have over 5 million in cash and less than 3 million liabilities

play video 5) A more complex screen with current assets less total liabilites per share exceeding the current share price illustrating a custom formula.

play video 6) This video discusses the basics of creating your own screening formula rather than use the fomulas provided in Chartsmart.

play video 7) This video discusses the SECTORS available in Chartsmart. It also does a breakdown graph of the TSX Venture Sectors.

play video 8) This is a short refresher video on how to create a basic filter set, run a screen, then place some charts into a watch list.

play video 9) This is a brief video showing you how to do backups so you don't lose all your personal lists. Also our backup menu has been changed.

play video 10) A video showing how under the SPECIAL tab to screen out TSX Venture stocks that have done private financings in the last 2 months.

play video 11) This video is a fast paced video just giving ideas of how Chartsmart can find charts at highs and lows and other examples.

play video 12) A new Feature that allows when selecting criteria ranges, like price or issued cap, to see a distribution chart for these these crtieria.

play video 13) A 20 minute video on the Screening Link on our web page. Just goes through it and the various screen types available in Chartsmart

play video 14) This short video informs users how they can change the way Chartsmart displays ie wide screen or also how much space it takes

play video 15) Shows you how to import a text file of symbols that you may have created yourself into a Chartsmart Watch LIst.. A handy feature.

play video 16) Canadian stocks running moving average filters so they also match the moving average indiciators set on the charts

play video 17) This video is just a video showing where to find all the videos on the Chartsmart web page and what the videos are about.

play video 18) How the % the close is from the day high or low screen is created. More important is how to do it with your own custom screen.

play video 19) A video just showing an example of the % from year high and % from year low screening criteria.

play video 20) This video discusses ETFs in Chartsmart and also how to exclude them from your screens.

play video 21) Video giving examples of the criteria on the bottom of the PRICE tab. Price range bid/ask relationship, high daily volatility

play video 22) Video giving examples of the criteria on the bottom of the PRICE tab. Price range volatility and price change over various periods.

play video 23) This video outlines a new feature we will be introducing next week to integrate Chartsmart with various Financial Web Sites.

play video 24) This video discusses the feature on the top of the Charting Menu under DISPLAY. These are the DISPLAY CUSTOM FORMULA 1&2

play video 25) This video shows how to do screen on a keyword through the news releases then display the charts for the filtered list

play video 26) This video is the first under the volume tab and discusses the volume screen and also how to screen increasing volume in the last 3 days

play video 27) Video discusses a few more of the criteria under the VOLUME tab in the filter menu.

play video 28) A video taking a last look at some of the screening criteria available in Chartsmart under the Volume tab

play video 29) This video shows how to set a global setting to prevent ETFS from being included in any of your screens.

play video 30) This video discusses the GLOBE ICONS in Chartsmart and Upgrading

play video 31) This video discusses 2 methods of screening a companies name and their news to determine what they do such as Lithium

play video 32) This video is played with the green button on the "Backing up your custom data" menu under Maintenance.

play video 33) Video on making Chartsmart more adaptive to higher screen resolutions

play video 34) Video on upgrading, installing the CSE, our new menus, and adapting Chartsmart to higher screen resolutions

play video 35) A 50 minute video illustrating some of the features in Chartsmart you may not know about

play video 36) The video that will show on the bottom left of the criteria tabs menu to discuss the various criteria

play video 37) This is a new video discussing the ZWTCH button for watch lists

play video 38) This is an earlier video discussing how to compare stocks in your watch list

play video 39) The new Universal Form Settings video discussing how Chartsmart now adjusts to your screen resolution

play video 40) New Video on exporting your daily data or historical data for your own analysis

play video 41) This is now our updated detailed introductory video for Chartsmart. It is 75 min and covers most features

play video 42) Video redone for the PORT button as of February 2023

play video 43) Video on a neat new feature that allows the user to customze the help window fonts and background color

play video 44) This video discusses how you can customize the chart news bars with a color to match your custom key word

play video 45) This video shows how you can create a custom screen and show filter alerts on the charts when it occurs

play video 46) This is our video redone when you click on the green button in the ANNOTATIONS menu under TOOLS

play video 47) This video gives a good description of using Chartsmart to screen out dividend stocks

play video 48) This video illustrates a new feature in Chartsmart that allows you to display the price and change on the top info bar

play video 49) This video discusses some of the new features in the latest build 20230306

play video 50) This is a new video discussing the Emergency Backup to help you in case you lose your watch lists or custom lists

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