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Videos on Various Subjects - The Charting Menu

These videos discuss various functions in the Charting Menu. These include the buttons on top of the charts, the DATA menu for downloading, and the various options under the pop down menus which include INDICATORS, TOOLS, DISPLAY, MAINTENANCE, and HELP.

Section 1 - INTRODUCTORY VIDEOS - Intro - Data Downloads - Filters - Charting

play video 1) Detailed INTRODUCTORY Video to Chartsmart
play video 2) INTRODUCTORY Video to Chartsmart
play video 3) The DATA menu
play video 4) The FILTER menu
play video 5) The CHARTING menu


play video 1) Plot Bar
play video 2) Link to a Web Page

Section 3 - THE CHARTING MENU - Printing Charts

play video 1) PRINTING charts from the Filter Menu
play video 2) PRINTING charts from the Charting Menu

Section 4 - THE CHARTING MENU - Buttons at the top of the charts

play video 1) Introduction to the Charting Menu
play video 2) The GRP-FORW-BACK buttons
play video 3) The NEXT button
play video 4) The DAY-WEEK-QTE button
play video 5) The PORT button
play video 6) The SMRY button
play video 7) The INFO button
play video 8) The LIST button
play video 9) The ZWTCH button
play video 10) The ZWTCH button - Comparing Watch Lists
play video 11) The PRINT button
play video 12) The MEMOS button

Section 5 - THE CHARTING MENU - The DATA button and updates

play video 1) Doing a Daily Update
play video 2) The Downloader Tab
play video 3) The Dialup Settings Tab
play video 4) The Filter Files Tab
play video 5) The AUTO Update Option
play video 6) News Download Settings

Section 6 - THE CHARTING MENU - The POP DOWN menus

play video 1) The File/Edit/Chart Pop Menus
play video 2) The File Menu
play video 3) Indicators - Part 1
play video 4) Indicators - Part 2
play video 5) Indicators - Part 3
play video 6) The Tools Pop Menu
play video 7) The Tools Pop Menu - About the Annotations Option
play video 8) The Display Pop Menu
play video 9) The Zoom Pop Menu
play video 10) The Help and Web Help Pop Menu

Section 7 - THE CHARTING MENU - The INDICATORS pop down menu options

play video 1) Bollinger Bands
play video 2) MACD Crossovers
play video 3) The 3 Indicator Bar Levels
play video 4) Standardize Amplitude
play video 5) Moving Average Simple
play video 6) Relative Performance Line
play video 7) Fundamental Indicators
play video 8) Volume Trading Range
play video 9) Preset Filter Alerts

Section 8 - THE CHARTING MENU - The TOOLS pop down menu options

play video 1) Price alerts- TOOLS pop down
play video 2) In the Canadian News - TOOLS pop down
play video 3) Backtesting - General Introduction
play video 4) Backtesting - Backtest File Downloader
play video 5) Backtesting - The Backtesting Feature
play video 6) Intro to Main Backtest Menu
play video 7) Creating your own Historical Variables
play video 8) Creating your own Custom Filter Alerts

Section 9 - THE CHARTING MENU - The DISPLAY pop down menu options

play video 1) Information BARS

Section 10 - THE CHARTING MENU - The MAINTENANCE pop down menu options

play video 1) Backup of Custom Data
play video 2) Chart Colors
play video 3) Chart Display Speed
play video 4) Daily Bad Data Correction
play video 5) Exporting Daily/Historical Data
play video 6) News Display Duration
play video 7) Review Messages
play video 8) Screen Size Emulation
play video 9) Setting News Bar Colors
play video 10) Symbology export
play video 11) Universal settings
play video 12) Emergency Backup

Section 11 - THE CHARTING MENU - The HELP pop down menu options

play video 1) HELP and ABOUT CHARTSMART
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