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Videos on Various Subjects - The Filter Menu

These videos discuss various functions in the FILTER MENU. The Filter Menu is arrived at by clicking FILTER on the upper left of the Charting Menu. There are some basic introductory videos to start, then you can see various screening strategies, how to customize your own formulas, and some videos on each criteria tab.

Section 1 THE FILTER MENU - Some Introductory Videos

play video 1) A Basic Screening Example
play video 2) Some Details on the Filter Menu
play video 3) Starting with the Filter Menu
play video 4) Creating your own Filter Set
play video 5) The Buttons on the Filter Menu

Section 2 THE FILTER MENU - The Criteria Tabs

play video 1) Tabs - Exchange
play video 2) Tabs - Sectors
play video 3) Tabs - Type
play video 4) Tabs - Price
play video 5) Tabs - Volume
play video 6) Tabs - Tech
play video 7) Tabs - Fund
play video 8) Tabs - Watch and Port
play video 9) Tabs - Ind and Custom
play video 10) Tabs - Special
play video 11) Tabs - You Specify

Section 3 THE FILTER MENU - Sub Menu Videos

play video 1) Selecting a Filter Group Menu
play video 2) News Filtering Menu
play video 3) Name Change Filtering Menu
play video 4) New Listings Filtering Menu
play video 5) Exporting Filter Sets Menu
play video 6) Custom Formula Creation Menu
play video 7) Custom Formula Entry Menu

Section 4 THE FILTER MENU - Customizing your Own Formulas

play video 1) The Basics of Customizing your own Screening Formulas
play video 2) Custom Formula Variables and Operators (eg .and./.or.)
play video 3) Custom Formula Samples on how to create them
play video 4) Custom Formula Samples - Using ChartSmart Professional

Section 5 THE FILTER MENU - Screening Strategies

play video 1) Channel Breakouts based on a 20 day Bollinger Band
play video 2) Channel Breakdowns based on 10 day Bollinger Band
play video 3) Stocks in specific band within a Bollinger
play video 4) MACD Crossovers up - 12 day through the 25 day EMA
play video 5) Stocks at 52 week lows showing weakness
play video 6) High Short Term Price Volatility Stocks
play video 7) ST Price Crashes but forming a Support Channel
play video 8) LT Price Crashes but forming a Support Channel
play video 9) near a 52 week low
play video 10) CDNX Stocks doing Financings at Low Prices
play video 11) and cheap
play video 12) New Listings on Cdn Exchanges trading at lows
play video 13) Stocks with Splits in the last 3 months and strong
play video 14) Screening Stocks on the NYSE that have had stock splits recently
play video 15) Screening Stocks that have crossed through a trendline
play video 16) Screening on price alerts and setting price alerts
play video 17) Screening for candlestick patterns
play video 18) Samples of dividend screening capabilities
play video 19) Stochastics Trending Downward from High
play video 20) Screening for stocks in a sector such as Lithium
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