Chart Smart

Technical and fundamental analysis of
US and Canadian stock exchanges

The Current Version of Chartsmart is: Version 4.50

The Current Build is: 04013020

You can tell your current version on the first menu that you see when you enter Chartsmart. On the top it will have the version number. Beside the version number you will see a build date. If your BUILD DATE is before 20180601 you definitely should upgrade.

We are continually doing more builds and you can refer to the menu below to determine if you have the latest build date. In order to upgrade you just go to HELP then "ABOUT CHARTSMART - UPGRADING". Simply enter the menu and do STEP 1 then STEP 2. It just takes a moment to download the upgrade then Chartsmart is closed. When you start Chartsmart again you should see the new build date on the first menu when you enter Chartsmart. Below are listed the various features added as far back as 2005. The most recent additions are first.

04132020 - New Features

1) Under the sectors tab in the filter menu it would list up to 150 sectors to screen from. Now you will see on the right of each listed sector a number in brackets ie (39) which means that there are 39 companies in the database in that sector. This way when you run a sector screen you can more easily see how many companies to expect in that group.

2) Under the GRP button there is a text box and a new button called SORT ON THE LAST SYMBOL SCROLLED ON LEFT. The LEFT refers to the text box. The purpose of this feature is so that if you have say a filtered list of 250 companies you are scrolling through and you get to the 55th company, say IBM NY, if you exit Chartsmart you will lose your location. This feature will always save the last symbol you view with FORW or BACK when scrolling and put it in the text box. Then if you go back to GRP after you exit Chartsmart, even if it starts at the top of your list for scrolling, you can click on the SORT ON THE LAST SYMBOL SCROLLED ON LEFT and it will jump to that symbol, IBM NY in this example. Then you will be able to start where you left off.

3) Under the MAINTENANCE pop down menu, there was an option to REVIEW MESSAGES. These are the messages we post periodically that will display after you do your data update (if it is the same day as the message). The messages have been clean up a bit and the VIDEO on the green video button V186 on the menu has been redone to help make it more clear about the REVIEW MESSAGES option.

07022019 - Small upgrades

1) When the Monthly Merge was run the timer was hidden behind the auto refresh checkbox. The checkbox has been moved down a bit so at the end of each month when the merge begins, the user can see the countdown. The is also a message displayed to say the user can click BEGIN MERGE rather than wait.

2) Feature to ensure that password and userid match.

3) Under DATA and DIALUP SETTINGS, some work has been done on the menu. It is almost prepared for the second backup server. The checkbox option is there and there are only a few settings more to do. The PRIMARY server is always the one to use.

4) In the FILTER MENU under the YOU SPECIFY area, when you entered your custom formulas it would not allow you to put spaces between them or add spaces. This has been resolved

5) In the EXPORT feature in the filter menu where you can do templates of existing filter lists, the last FILTER GROUP was not saved when going from a chart to the filter menu. This was important so that the EXPORT would be done to the correct FILTER GROUP. Fixed.

6) In the BACKTESTING menu, in the VIEW RESULTS, it said the rate of return was per day in two lines. This has been corrected to say, the rate of return over the period.

7) Though not a programming change, the dividends when displayed with PD5 were not limited to 3 decimals so they were a bit hard to read. This variable will be fixed around July 7, 2019 and on.

8) When running a backtest, if it was too long one could not escape the operation. Now the ESC key will stop the backtest process.

9) Given that there is a new server option all downloading is from the new server. An adjustment was not made so BACKTEST files could not be downloaded from the new server. This has been fixed in this build

From Early 2018 to June 2019 - Major Upgrades done over this period and new server.

  1. When doing the upgrades over the last few months we had resolved a problem where on resolutions of 1920 x 1080 the horizontal scale bar did not display on any charts. There are 4 types of charts being arithmetic, arithmetic candlestick, logarithmic, and logarithmic candlestic. All these were fixed for resolutions of 1920 x 1080 except for arithmetic candlestick. This is now resolved. It was not a problem on lower resolutions. In addition, when the new scaling method was done, there may have been a slight shift in the scale upward on the chart which was hardly noticeable. This also has been fixed in version 20190528.
  2. When using F3 to add the currently displayed stock symbol to a watch list, it would add it to the last watch list selected but in the message it would say added to the first watch list of the lists. This small bug was fixed 20190514.
  3. On the upper right of the main menu is a GLOBE. In the past you could right click on it to get a web scrolling option we had been working on. Instead the right click option is removed and the left click displays the WEB LINKS menu in case you want to get a stock quote. 20190514.
  4. On higher resolution screens above 1366 x 768 such ast 1920 x 1080 a bug that occurred was the horizontal price scale line did not display. This was to do with the fact it is made of dots place in segments, and this was affected by resolution. This has been resolved so upon upgrading, if you have such resolutions, the horizontal price scale should now appear.
  5. When using the new PRINT TO PDF feature and printing charts, the 2 CUSTOM FORMULA OPTIONS under DISPLAY would not print on the printed PDFS or charts. This has been resolved.
  6. On new installs the grids for arithmetic charts goes up to prices of over $100,000 per share. This did not occur before.
  7. The display of the 2 custom formulas are slightly lower on the left of the charts so that they don't go over the dates on top. In addition they did not previously work for non-numeric variables. For example if you wanted to display the variable for the last 12 month trailing date you could enter #ldate# and it will work now. Previously the 2 custom formulas would only work for numeric variables like #issued# or #last#. For a complete list of variables you can check out our web page under SCREENING under lesson 4 where you can get a complete list of screening variables that can be displayed under DISPLAY and either DISPLAY CUSTOM FORMULA VALUE #1 or #2.
  8. In order to print charts you go to the FILTER MENU and PRINT CHARTS FOR LIST or select the button with a symbol on it. There is a new option in the menu which allows you to print the weekly stock chart on the top of the page, and a table of fundamentals on the bottom.
  9. Under FILE and SAVE FILE AS IMAGE the menu was enlarged and an option button to delete the jpg/bmps in the csmart/export folder was added.
  10. One of the primary features is that we are making preparations in 2018 for you to automatically migrate to a faster server hence your downloads will be faster. When you upgrade if you go to DATA then DIALUP SETTINGS on the bottom left it will show SELECT TO DOWNLOAD FROM ALTERNATE SERVER. You can try this if you like and see if there is a speed difference but probably you should leave it off after.
  11. If an error occurs where the message says file access denied, the message has been changed to add the option to change admin priviledges on the c:\csmart folder so that you Chartsmart can write to it. Chartsmart creates files when it runs so WINDOWS must not prevent this by setting security whereby you cannot write files to the c:\csmart folder.
  12. Updated menu links under HELP. A number of links that went to the web had expired and needed to be corrected.
  13. Fixed public1. This file contains all the special lists like components of the S&P500, or TSX VENTURE. The symbol constituents were not updated lately. We may add new lists such as "Cannibas Stocks" in the CUSTOM tabs and the INDEX tabs int he filter menu.
  14. put new earth in - One startup there was a low resolution image of planet Earth. This has been changed to a higher definition image.
  15. On the first menu that you see in Chartsmart we have included an image of a man working on a computer doing investing. The form has been enlarged. Also there is a progress bar which goes for 20 seconds which completes and auto update in Chartsmart for you if you have checkboxes 14 and 15 on in the DISPLAY/MISC DISPLAY SETTINGS on the menu bar for Chartsmart.
  16. fixed liabiities problem. The liabilities were not showing on the fundamentals because the code was changed from our supplier. This has been corrected and the liabilities now show. Please note that we no longer receive data for short interest.
  17. fixed setup program and new image. The setup utility for Chartsmart has been made more informative, also with a different photo than the original one being the space shuttle. The information menus have been updated as one does the setup.
  18. changed registration method. This is a major change. When someone installs Chartsmart we had a registration button and a request for how they heard about Chartsmart. This menu has been simplified and all that is needed is a first name and a lastname. The intention was to make everything simpler for new users to try Chartsmart.
  19. When in Chartsmart keys f2 to f8 were assigned functions. f7 and f8 did not work on all computers. As a result we have switched the keys so they only do functions from f2 to f6. f2 and f6 give the help menus.
  20. When you install Chartsmart there is a help menu when you enter the Filter Menu. The 2 video buttons are now green and one of the links did not work as it was a mpeg file not an html. The instructions have also been changed a bit.
  21. In the filter menu the RUN FILTERED LIST button has been made light green from great so it stands out clearer.
  22. On there upper right of the Charting Menu is a globe you can click on to get information on the stock you are viewing off the web. There is a similar option under TOOLS and then WEB LINKS. This option remains but previously when you right clicked on the globe, you now get when you left click. The left click previously gave a similar summary to WEB LINKS which was repetitive and confusing. Hence WEB LINKS remains under TOOLS, but there is no right click option with the GLOBE, only left click.
  23. Under INDICATORS there was the Filter Alerts Menu. This has been cleaned up a bit. Also on the menu bar the checkbox did not show if this feature was on.
  24. On the first menu you see in Chartsmart there is now an AUTO UPDATE checkbox. This turns on the checkbox under DISPLAY and MISC DISPLAY SETTINGS. This is put on the first menu so that users know it is available. It is quite a time saver if updating every day. You can also go to DISPLAY and MISC DISPLAY SETTINGS in order to have chartsmart auto quit after the update
  25. Under Maintenance there were a few options that are no longer valid so they were removed. First there was an option for downloading the larger or smaller fundamentals file. This option was for those who had slower internet but this no longer applies (ie dialup). Second we have removed the option to delete exchanges. For similar reasons this is no longer valid. This was a feature to reduce the required HD space but computers now have much more space. Third there was an option to compress the main data file but given Hard Drives are bigger this process is not longer necessary.
  26. Under the 3 buttons GRP, ZWTCH and PORT the menus show a small button with a globe. In all of these buttons you can select a list like the last filtered list, your selected watch list, or a portfolio then click the GLOBE to see intraday quotes for the stocks in the list. On some browsers this feature does not work so we have made two options which to to 2 different sites in case one does not work. This is done with a left click for one, or right click on the globe for the other.
  27. Under TOOLS there was an ANNOTATIONS option. It is still there but when one screens out a trendline crossover or goes VIEW CHARTS it no longer goes directly to the GRP button. Instead a summary is given on the screen and the user is told that they can go to the GRP button. The HELP button menu was enlarged also.
  28. There is a new option being tested under MAINTENANCE at the bottom of the menu. It is UNIVERSAL FORM SETTINGS. This feature allows you to change the background color of the sub forms you see often show with such as the GRP, or QTE buttons. In addition these forms which represent about 95% of what you see in Chartsmart except for the charts, have edit boxes on them with fonts set normally to 8, MS SANS SERIF. You have the option of raising the font to say 10 or 12 on VERDANA as an example so you can read them easier. This feature has become more recently necessary because many users have higher resolution screens now ie 1920 and as a result the forms and fonts show that much smaller. In the future we may also allow you to resize the forms so they are bigger as well.
  29. Cleaned up and formated all INDICATOR menus so they show on the upper left. They are also larger and there were some small bugs in them.
  30. Have set up the ability to put small green buttons on most of the menus which will give the user and IMMEDIATE link to a video on that menu. For example the NEXT button brings the search menu. There will be a button on the menu a user can click on to see how it works.
  31. Introductory menus have been cleaned up for new users to better understand how to get started with Chartsmart. In addition have begun putting green Video buttons on various forms. For example under TOOLS in the backtest options they have green buttons V-131, V-133, V-134 to call up pertinent videos from the web. In addition the backtest menus for the backtest downloader, custom candlesticks, and historical backtesting have been enlarged.
  32. Another relatively new and important feature is the ability to exclude ETFS from your screens. This applies to both Canadian and U.S. stocks. If you go DISPLAY at the top of the chart, then TO MISC DISPLAY SETTINGS, there is a checkbox number 16. If you turn this on when you do any screen with the RUN FILTER button in the FILTER MENU it will exclude the ETFS. For example if you simply screen out all stocks on the NYSE you can exclude the ETFS by checking on the box. This is a great feature given there are over 1800 ETFS of about 8000 US securities in Chartsmart. Similarly there are nearly 300 Canadian ETFS of just over 4000 securities on the TSX and TSXV.
  33. We know how important your Chartsmart custom lists are. Many users create hundreds of filter sets, watch lists, portfolios, memos, color settings and other lists. All these lists are saved in 13 files in Chartsmart. A new feature has been added so that when you start Chartsmart these 13 files are zipped up into a subdirectory of Chartsmart called "backupemergency". For example the folder would be c:\csmart\backupemergency and for the last 10 times you start Chartsmart it saves your backup files. On occasion, users may lose their lists and this folder saves your lists for up to the last 10 times you started Chartsmart, with dates on the files. You can then restore them manually by overwriting the existing files, or go to MAINTENANCE then EMERGENCY BACKUP/RESTORE where it will allow you to select one of the 10 backups and restore your files to that date.
  34. 20180706 - Updated the WEB LINKS uner TOOLS. This option allows you to get information on the chart that is displayed. For example you can get an intraday chart, the news, or a company profile. The WEB LINKS button has also been put under the INFO button to replace the short business decscription that was there. You can get a much more detailed summary off the web by selecting the COMPANY PROFILE option under the WEB LINKS menu.
  35. 20180707 - Numerous additions

    1) Enabled the RIGHT CLICK on the GLOBE icon on the far right of the charting menu to bring up the WEB LINKS menu for displayed chart.

    2) renamed the pop menu MAIN HELP MENU to PRINTABLE HELP MENU F2

    3) Added green video buttons to the menus for the main top buttons of the Charting Menu (ie in the QTE menu there is a green video button)

    4) Cleaned up a lot of old code to speed up the display of charts. Also the messageboxes that display have been reviewed and format better

    5) Widened the search menu under the NEXT button.

    6) Changed the QTE button so the printing is easier. In addition the close button shows on the bottom permantently.
  36. 20180707 - A major new feature that has been completed in the FILTER MENU is the ability to print charts for all the stocks in any filter list to PDF files. In the FILTER MENU there is a PRINT CHARTS FOR LIST button that takes you into the menu for this very powerful feature. It creates a subdirectory of your csmart folder called PDFCHARTS. When you run the program it will create a PDF of 1, 2, or 4 charts per page from your watch list. For example if you have 100 stock in a filtered list and print 4 charts per page it will create 25 pdfs with 4 charts. These charts include all the features and indicators you have previously placed on your settings for you current chart display. This is truly an amazing feature and very handy for anyone who has a list of stocks that they want to send to other parties daily with the indicators you want.
  37. 20180713 - Some fixes

    1) Added green help buttons under MAINTENANCE pop down. Bottom 3 need videos and top ones are older ones that will soon be redone.

    2) When exiting the PRINT LIST FOR CHARTS in the FILTER MENU, when returning to the charting menu it did not revert to the original symbol. This is fixed.

    3) When printing charts in the FILTER MENU the image that is saved was not consistent on the bottom of the chart so sometimes there was a black line. A fix is in place and this should be okay now.
  38. 20180714 - Under MAINTENANCE there is a symbol export menu. This enables you to create a filtered list of say 350 symbols. If you want to import the Chartsmart symbols into your software you might encounter a problem whereby symbols are different. For example our MSFT NQ might be MSFT in your program. This feature enables you to convert matching the symbology in your software. We have enabled 5 custom conversion areas instead of just 1 and renamed the 2 samples.
  39. 20180714 - Substantial development on the FILTER HELP MENU. Now it will display the links for the screening strategies on the web page and a number of videos related to the criteria tabs. This is the primary help window for the FILTER MENU and is now populated with most of the filter related videos.
  40. 20180717 - There was a problem with the percent message at the top of the screen when scrolling through the charts in a filtered list whereby the percent that was done was not being displayed. In addition also added buttons in the EXPORT DAILY DATA and EXPORT HISTORICAL DATA and under FILE and SAVE FILE TO IMAGE, a button in all cases that allows one to view the files with Windows Explorer that are in the specified folder.
  41. 20180718 - There was a problem with chart printing where it would not show the indicator on the bottom if there was only 1 indicator bar or 3 indicator bars. It worked okay with 2. This is fixed now.
  42. 20180719 - Put in message for users after REFRESH SYSTEM to tell them of the new AUTO UPDATE feature. In addition if their BUILDDATE is less than the current build a green button will show in the first menu you see when you open Chartsmart to tell them. Clicking on it tells the user to UPGRADE to the NEXT BUILD.
  43. 20180720 - Added RESET TO DEFAULT button to color menu for chart colors.
  44. 20180724 - Added SEARCH ENGINE by string option with button at the bottom of the menu arrived at with the NEXT button.
  45. 20180728 - A large amount of work was done on redesigning the backtesting menu under the TOOLS option. The RUN BACKTEST and the VIEW RESULTS menu are much more user friendly and a number of bugs in the process have been resolved.
  46. 20180803 - Enabled a checkbox on the Filter Help Menu so it can be turned on and off independently of the Introductory Help Menu. Both the Introductory Help and Filter Help Menus have a check mark under HELP in the Charting Menu if they are turned on. This makes the help a bit simpler.
  47. 20181205 - When going to the FILTER MENU to try the new PDF print procedure, an error would come up on occasion referencing 4133. This error was due to the PRINTING of the images not matching the page size for the report. This has been adjusted and the error should no longer appear after this upgrade.

07082014 - Minor Changes

1) In the TIPS when a guest tries Chartsmart, there is more information that a REAL TIME ANTIVIRUS SCANNER can cause problems with accessing Chartsmart files. In addition, in the error message that comes up it is more clear about the problem with REAL TIME ANTIVIRUS SCANNERS.

2) The Remote Support to Technician link has been changed to go to the Chartsmart Support page instead of the logmeinrescue site since our remote support software has been changed to Screenconnect.

03012014 - Changes to Help and Intruction to Chartsmart

1) When Chartsmart starts on a new install some of the menus have been updated and reformatted. In addition the MAIN HELP MENU and the INTRODUCTORY HELP MENU are reformated to make them easier to read

07082014 - Minor Changes

1) In the TIPS when a guest tries Chartsmart, there is more information that a REAL TIME ANTIVIRUS SCANNER can cause problems with accessing Chartsmart files. In addition, in the error message that comes up it is more clear about the problem with REAL TIME ANTIVIRUS SCANNERS.

2) The Remote Support to Technician link has been changed to go to the Chartsmart Support page instead of the logmeinrescue site since our remote support software has been changed to Screenconnect.

11182013 - Main feature is the ability to download your daily updates on a scheduler

1) The first feature is moreso for those of you who don't like having to update your data every day. It allows you to start Chartsmart then have it automatically go to the data download menu and do your download. If you want, you can also start Chartsmart with a scheduler daily so that the update is already done for you. This feature is probably more applicable if you have a slow internet download speed. Settings for this feature are number 14 and 15 under DISPLAY and MISCELLANEOUS DISPLAY SETTINGS.

2) The other feature is an option under DISPLAY and MISCELLANEOUS DISPLAY SETTINGS to prevent ETF's from being included in all your screens.

11032013 - Main feature is the LINK TO INTERNET option plus changes to the FUNDAMENTALS menu.

1) One of the main new features in Chartsmart is the DISPLAY and LINK TO INTERNET option. This can also be arrived at by RIGHT CLICKING the world icon on the upper right of the chart. If you are looking at a chart of say MSFT (Microsoft), when you click this button and Chartsmart Web Browser comes up and allows you to see FINANCIALS, Insider trading summaries, news, message boards, intra-day charts, long-term charts, and so on for the selected symbol. In additon you can select from the public lists we supply or your own watch lists and scroll through data like financials and so on for the stocks in your list. This is a really neat feature and will be expanded upon in the future. We can add new sites and change the sites by simply uploading a file to you with your daily update.

2) Under DISPLAY there are 2 options to DISPLAY CUSTOM FORMULA #1 and #2. In the past sometimes these items would display on the right of the chart. This upgrade should fix that problem. In addition, the formulas display on the upper left of the chart but when the chart data was in the upper left the formulas could not be seen. As a result the formulas get shifted down or up on the left of the chart in an empty location, in order to resolve this problem.

3) The fundamentals menu has been changed, which is arrived at with

a) the PD5 button (when the FUNDAMENTALS) indicator is on.
b) the FUNDAMENTALS button on the bottom left of the chart.
c) by going to DISPLAY and FUNDAMENTALS.

First it has more history. It has up to 9 quarters or years instead of 7. In addition the fields have been laid out more in a financial statement format. The data also includes new fields such as TOTAL ASSETS, TOTAL LIABILITIES, and MARKETABLE SECURITIES. EPS has been shaded in red if negative and green if positive.

4) There has been a print button added to the menu so one can print a snapshot of the fundamentals screen.

5) The same type have print button has been put under the PRINT button on top of the chart in green. This takes a snapshot of the current chart so you don't have to reset your resolution to print charts. The snapshot can then be printed.

6) The amount of history for display on the fundamentals lines is expanded to 10 years from 9 years.

7) With the CALCULATE VOLUME OF SHARES option under tools there was an error in the average number of days hence the average volume was sometimes wrong. This has been remedied.

8) When in REVIEW MESSAGES under maintenance and there are messages posted for days more current than the current day, they are displayed which should not be the case. They are now displayed only as far as the current date.

9) Though not actually part of the upgrade to the next version, you will now find a new criteria under the FUND tab which allows you to EXCLUDE ETFS from your screens. ETFS are becoming more and more popular and are included with equities which can create confusion. You can exclude them here, plus we will be making an option to exclude them from all your screens as a default.

10) When downloading backtest files under TOOLS and download backtest files, if it was before the download time and one tried to download the backtest files, then it had a condition IF EXISTS. Since it would not download ALL backtest files before the current date also, the condition was removed. The button did work if it was after the update time since the current file would exist then. We wanted to fix this because we will be doing more video tutorials on backtest files in the near future.

10232013 - Main feature is improvements to the daily message window and a feature in the Filter Menu.

1) Put a print button on the REVIEW MESSAGES menu so that the daily message can be printed. The Review Messages Menu can be viewed by going to MAINTENANCE and REVIEW MESSAGES, or it is view daily after the download if there is a message.

2) The REVIEW MESSAGES window that you see after you download has been simplified so that all videos for any day can be viewed. It is more user friendly.

3) Under MAINTENANCE and BACKING UP YOUR CUSTOM DATA the menu has been changed. The options to backup to an A or B drive are gone since computers no longer have these options. Instead you simply click BACKUP or RESTORE. It is simpler and the message on the menu has been changed.

4) When you do run a filter in the FILTER menu, you get the option to select a criteria, such as price range. There is a menu that displays where you enter your value for the price ie >=$.30 or issued>5000000. In these types of menus there is a button on the bottom that says CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON HOW THIS SCREEN IS DISTRIBUTED FOR VARIOUS COMPANIES. Though this feature existed in the past it has been improved. The menu creates a bar graph of a distribution of the criteria. If you select for example only the TSX VENTURE exchange, the bar graph and analysis will only apply to the selected exchange. This is new as before it use to do it for the entire database. This feature is helpful so that a user can determine the norm values for financial ratios and variables like price, issued, eps, and so on. For example, if just the TSX Venture is selected it will show that the average stock price is about $.29 plus it indicates about 83% of the companies are under $.44 and 5% of the companies are between $.44 and $.86. Have information about the ranges for each exchange (or group of exchanges) can be helpful when deciding what ranges to use for ones screen.

5) When entering a change of name for a custom calcualted list under YOU SPECIFY, if a + sign was entered it caused a problem in the screen. Now it prevents entry of + sign in name entry box for YOU SPECIFY formulas.

10142013 - Further adjustments to the message window that displays after you do your download.

We are preparing it so that every few days we will put informative videos which you can play when you exit your download. In this recent version we added a feature to LIST all the previous videos. Then in you miss one on the current day you can look at the dates of the old videos and play them. You also get the option of sending the videos you view to a friend by email. That button callsy up your email app with the video link filled in in the body of your email message.

10122013 - General Improvements

1) A larger new menu has been created for the messages after exiting the data downloader. This allows for playing of video for subscribers on important new features, offering mini tutorials. Also a button has been added to upgrade on that menu instead of having to go to HELP and ABOUT CHARTSMART (UPGRADING). Also capability to share the video with friends by email.

2) Prevented currently trading symbols from reverting to an old chart based on the rollback file.

3) For 2 weeks listings were not showing on charts or suppressing previous data (fixed now).

4) deleted data in splits/rollbacks before 10 years to speed up chart display.

5) added another message when entering Chartsmart for new trial users so they know they can have remote support.

6) Changed trial user menu not to specify 30 days. Trial has been extended to 30 days now.

09202013 - Adjustments to Version and Custom Formula Entry Buttons

1) Changed Reference to Professional in the Tools Menu.

2) Changed size and buttons on custom formula entry form.

09192013 - Adjustments to the Help Menu in Chartsmart

1) Moved Video tutorials link with other web links.
2) Cleaned up text so visual is a bit better.
3) Took out reference to Chartsmart professional on help menu.
4) Put version info link to Web on help menu bar.
5) set items in memfix and took out phone number, reference to data sources.
6) changed size of trial exit menu to be a bit smaller.
7) changed filter menu so there is a border around it when it lays on the charting menu.
8) Took out Intro Menu about high and low speed connection.
9) Adjusted Comments in Registration to 30 days from 10 days.

04212009 - Set screen fonts on start up of ChartSmart.

03262009 - Changed chart printing so it does not print black line on edge of chart printed.

05012008 - Adjustment to Merge to compensate for ZZ NY symbol.

03122008 - For Train2invest users only there is a T2I settings button added in the QUICK WATCH LIST SUMMARY to change the values used in the export spreadsheet done with the T2I button.

12252007 - For Train2invest users there was a feature in the ZWTCH quick list summary to allow users to export their watch list to an xcel spreadsheet. This feature did not work if the user had a space in the folder name. c:\csmart would be okay but if it was in c:\program files\csmart it would not work. This upgrade resolves this.

12202007 - When you go to MAINTENANCE and CHART COLORS there is now an option to change the color of the shaft for candlestick charts also.

12182007 - Another solution created to correct the tex49 error message when merging filter files. This version may speed up the process of merging the history files. In addition in this upgrade, if ones download stops part way and all the filters are not downloaded, often users do not know and then they run filters with problems. There is now an alert if the desired filter files to be managed (checked in filter files tab of data) are not merged into the master screening database. If they are not there, an alert is displayed at the end of the update to tell the user they may want to download again.

12032007 - Working on solution to tex49 error when merging filter files during daily update.

11012007 - During the merge, on occasion it might stop at a particular symbol during the merge and the hourglass would hang. This upgrade prevents that from occuring.

10072007 - All upgrades have been included as version 4.50. All users will be give a flag on their startup menu to let them know to upgrade.

10072007 - Resorted the rollback file in the update process so that in the future we can provide the entire rollback file with the daily update. Also prevented a bug that would cause an endless loop if a rollback date is put in that is past the current date.

08202007 - Minor revisions.

08102007 - On startup of ChartSmart the daily index file is resorted. On occasion the data button would show the bars green but the daily charts did not show the data. This prevents the need from doing the repair corrupt files in the first menu in chartsmart startup.

07112007 - When the US and CDN news files get over 2 gigabytes there is a message that says they need to be reduced in size. The message has been simplified and the partial addition of news for the last day before the file is oversize, is prevented from being added.

07032007 - List of items added

1) Monthly Merge method has been changed to exclude use of temp.txt as temporary file as on occassion if users had spyware this might cause a problem. This speeds the merge substantially.
2) Cycle dates were changed when ChartSmart historical database is full.
3) Now save chart image to a file saves it to a specific file name instead of chartimagejpg.jpg.
4) QTE window made as modal like other windows.
5) FILE/SAVE IMAGE as jpg email was not working.

06292007 - In rare situations in view candlesticks charts the open might be lower than the low or higher than the high. Erroneous data situations like these, though rare, have been compensated for when viewing charts.

06292007 - When printing 2 charts on one page annotations were not showing properly.

06222007 - List of items added

1) In previous versions a number of indicator menus (eg fundamentals) and other submenus would remain displayed when not closed properly then going to a chart. This occurs when clicking outside of the menu so the menu loses the focus but stays active behind the main chart menu. When charts were redisplayed on occasion these sub menus might briefly appear. To remedy this these menus have been made modal so that they MUST be closed before another action can be taken.
2) Due to the above, when one goes to an indicator menu, such as rsi, they could select another button to display the indicator levels settings menu. One could then close and refresh chart from the indicator level settings menu. Instead, now one must close the indicator level settings menu which redisplays the indicator menu which one can the close and refresh chart.
3) A number of menus had both a dark grey background and light grey background for various objects. Most of the menus have now been changed so they all show the light grey background and color for various objects, eg text box, buttons, etc.
4) In the IMPORT FILTERED LIST TO WATCH LIST in both the filter menu and in the zwtch button the method of doing so has be changed to be more user friendly. An additional button has been added to ACCEPT to import the watch list versus just CLOSE. Also in the filter menu version there is a 3rd button that allows one to ACCEPT the filtered list to watch list then auto jump to the ZWTCH menu.

06202007 - Adjustments made to the EXPORT FILTERED LIST TO ZWTCH in the filter menu.

06192007 - List of items added

1) When right click on main chart menu it displays the quote window with the most recent data. Left click as before displays the data for the specific day the mouse was clicked on.
2) In the Filter Menu, when a screen is run, there is a button that enables the user to put the filtered list into a custom named watch list. Now one also has the option to directly exit this menu and display the zwtch menu showing the specified watch list matching the filtered list.

06122007 - List of items added

1) One of the 2 RSI Lines, when set on, did not display "RSI" on the volume scale to show the user it is the rsi line (remedied).
2) On closing the menus for custom calculated values to be displayed on the charts, the screen refreshes to accomodate the new value.
3) The ATR line and rsi lines have been prevented from extending to zero in the event of null values at the end of the chart.
4) T2I button added in quick list summary in watch list to enable export of watch list to export folder in xcel format. (T2I only).
5) added close button to quick watch summary menu.
6) Average volume no longer percent value.

06082007 - Average Volume Indicator added to list of indicators. Note when click on the chart it is represented as a % eg 22% of the total volume on the chart. Up to 2 standard moving average lines of the volume so that one can view crossovers. Durations customizeable.

06072007 - In the past some users have received a dialogue menu that says OPEN and lists a number of files. Upon this event they need to go to the TASK MANAGER TO close chartsmart. Instead we have suppressed the dialogue so only an error message displays which will make it easier to exit.

06062007 - Under DISPLAY there is a second option to calculate a second custom formula value to display on the screen.

06052007 - List of items added

1) Emergency backup feature added on 05172007 removed due to Vista preventing zipping of files. This will be remedied later.
2) On startup of chartsmart, FOC subfolder of csmart folder no longer created.
3) Empty button on PORT menu no longer visible.
4) Under MAINTENANCE and CHART COLORS can now change colors of bars for candlestick charts instead of just black and white.
5) Under DIALUP SETTINGS on the DATA BUTTON a CLOSE button has been added.
6) Filter alerts preliminary menu check button reworded.

05302007 - The US news previous sometimes displayed with blank lines between rows plus in some cases it was truncated. Also, a feature was put in chartsmart to prevent a possible endless loop if some date fields in the news files were blank.

05172007 - A new feature has been added so that when ChartSmart starts, it creates a subfolder of the csmart folder called backup_emergency. When ChartSmart starts it automatically saves the 12 custom back files (eg watch lists, your filters, and so on) into a zip file identified with the date and time it was created. A total of 10 zip files are created, one for each of the last 10 times ChartSmart was started. This way, if you have a problem, for example you lose your watch lists or portfolios for whatever reason, you can call a ChartSmart Technician and they can restore your last good backup. Of course, one should always go to MAINTENANCE and BACKUP OF CUSTOM DATA to do your backups regularly, but this emergency option is made available in abnormal circumstances in which case the user has lost some data and needs to restore changes from the previous time ChartSmart was started. This also is beneficial if the user has forgotten to do backups for some time.

In order to see the backups and restore from them one can go to HELP then TECHNICIAN CONSOLE. In the menu on the bottom click on BACKUP EMERGENCY RESTORATION and it shows a menu of the last 10 backups for each time chartsmart was started. Click on any one to restore.

05152007 - When the F4 key was used in order to delete symbols from watch lists, errors occured due to the process interfering with charts being displayed.

05102007 - This build has resolved 3 issues. First, when clicking on the main chart, a quote window is displayed. If the quote windows was not closed and one of the pop down menus on the top of the chart were clicked, then the resulting menu would on occassion be translucent and also other form display problems would occur. Second, when attempting to drag the quote window, if the form was dragged and not the header, then sometimes the form would be replicated on the upper left of the chart. Third, when users go to the data menu now, if they click the REFRESH SYSTEM button, either automatically or not, when they exit the data menu the last chart will be refreshed so that the currently updated information will be on the chart.

05052007 - Introductory Help Menu on startup has been changed to be simpler.

04292007 - Windows Vista and XP tend to cause the bottom of the stock charts in ChartSmart to be displayed slightly below the windows start task bar. Under most resolutions the bottom of the stock Charts in Chartsmart have been raised so they are slightly above the windows task bar. Just a note, another option is to put the windows task bar on auto hide.

04272007 - Enabled Filter Arrow Alerts to be able to printed on charts. Installation CD's for Chartsmart now install on Vista faster. On vista the horizontal dotted lines at price levels on the scale were going off to the right. Corrected. Upper title bar of ChartSmart window slightly lower.

04182007 - Added feature to export to liveinvestor.txt file in export sub folder for custom clients.

04082007 - Enabled inputting of decimals to standardize amplitude indicator.

04062007 - - When one clicks RUN FILTERED LIST, on the resulting menu there is an option to click to go directly to the GRP button rather than have to close the filter menu first.

04012007 - Had to remove the GO TO GRP button option when running filters. Some bugs with this change. Button is temporarily made invisible till corrected version can be made.

03232007 - Under DISPLAY there is now an option, DISPLAY A CUSTOM FORMULA VALUE. This allows you to create a customized variable, eg cash/share as a percent of the close and display it on the upper left of the chart. This is an extension of the INFO bars on the top of the charts.

03232007 - When one clicks RUN FILTERED LIST, on the resulting menu there is an option to click to go directly to the GRP button rather than have to close the filter menu first.

03052007 - On occasion users may have trouble downloading with ftp protocal so a method of downloading by HTTP was built into ChartSmart. Consulting with a technician to activate this feature is required.

02192007 - When going to HELP and ABOUT CHARTSMART to do an upgrade, all the information is on one menu instead of clicking on UPGRADE CHARTSMART NOW. In addition there is a web link button to allow people to upgrade manually if they cannot upgrade through ChartSmart.

02192007 - Addition of HTTP download option. Bug fixed in SYMBOLEXPORT of textfiles under MAINTENANCE.

02092007 - Minor changes made to the trial activation procedure.

01312007 - Bollinger Bands on resolution 1280x1024 and zoom on close bars were shifted incorrectly. Fixed. Also when stocks were put in portfolios with no cost caused the red bar on the chart to be displayed by the exit button. Display is prevented if zero now. If trendlines off charts the buttons showed on top of the charts. Now these are not visible. When the "file not accessible" menu comes up a more detailed description is displayed telling users to go to HELP and TROUBLESHOOTING. Also in cases when the fundamentals graph is not displayed the PD5 button would not be displayed. There is now a FUNDAMENTALS button by the volume scale to display the fundamentals menu regardless of whether the fundamentals graph is displayed. Also fundamentals option has been added to the DISPLAY pop down menu.

01182007 - In Version 4.10 we had taken out the ability to save memdata.fpt and memdata.dbf when one would go to HELP and BACKUP THEIR CUSTOM DATA. The previous backup only saved ones watch lists, portfolios, memos, and filters whereas the memdata files also contain indicator settings.

12262006 - Problem in news went went to TOOLS, then in the US NEWS. After that if one went to SMRY and it was a cdn stock it would display the us stock news. Corrected.

11142006 - In the ZWTCH and PORT menus some users were using the F4 hot keys to delete securities from the list. This has been deactivated in these menus but you can still use F3 and F4 when you are scrolling through charts to add and take away securities from the active watch list. In addition in the ZWTCH menu when one righ clicks on the symbol column to delete a security the screen no longer refreshes and forces one to the top of the watch list. Also one is give the option now to right click on the NAME column which will allow deletion without confirmation required thereby enabling the user to delete symbols at a much faster rate.

11072006 - The menu for the PD5 button has been increased in size to display 7 periods instead of 5 periods plus also display work cap/share, cash/share, revenue/share.

11032005 - Minor upgrade. When option under SMRY for shorts was off, if one entered the window it would sometimes display the shares shorted news release instead of the one clicked on.

10292006 - Bug in plot bar display scrolling feature fixed and 2nd obv line data added to plot bar info window.

10262006 - Stochastics lines in special situations sometimes would stretch out of the scale range and this has been remedied.

10262006 - For the Canadian News Release the short positions are now included and they come out approximately every 2 weeks causing excess news bars and news releases under SMRY. Now there is a checkbox under smry which will allow one to stop the display of news bars and releases pertaining to SHORT POSITIONS.

10182006 - Under MISC at the top of the charts there is now an option for SYMBOL EXPORT. This feature will allow the user to export the symbols in the last filtered list to a text file or the clip board. The symbol format can be changed to match the symbology in other software (eg. real time software). This way user can determine customized lists with ChartSmart and easily use the lists in other software if the symbols are importable in the other software.

10182006 - In previous versions when a zero was selected for the duration for the stochastics indicator options, an endless loop would occur (never put a zero in for the duration of the indicator). This problem has been resolved so that only numbers over zero can be entered.

10142006 - A small addition has been made so that when one clicks on a plot to display the PLOT BAR INFORMATION box, there is also an option to move the red line left and right. This feature is added because sometimes it is difficult to accurately click on the correct plot bar.

04052006 - Misc internal programming updates.

04022006 - In ZWTCH there is now an option to compare stocks that are common to watch lists or only in one watch list but no in a list of others.

04022006 - At the end of RUN FILTERED LIST there is now an option to save the filtered list to a watch list.

03312006 - On occasion users were getting a message that the fundamentals file was damaged. This has been fixed.

03312006 - When in the ChartSmart Browser the REFRESH button was not refreshing the web page. Corrected.

03312006 - At the end of the REFRESH SYSTEM process there is now a message in the white box telling the user that the REFRESH SYSTEM is done.

03212006 - When using TOOLS/SELF TEACHING MODE, when annotations were on the chart they sometimes were distorted. If an annotation goes past the right side of the chart when in PARTIAL mode it is not displayed.

03212006 - When using the option under DISPLAY called LISTS OF WHICH STOCK IS A COMPONENT, a close button has been added with a hot letter C so it is easy to close without using the mouse.

03212006 - Sometimes an error when scrolling 'file accessed denied temp91.txt'. This is fixed.

03212006 - When users downloaded daily we had a message that came up immediately in the DATA menu that told them status. Now this does not come up till they click refresh system if it applies. These resolves some error messages some users were getting with 'report.txt' while downloading.

03152006 - In the past if a client tried to download and just got the daily file and not the filter files (this occurred due to our server down), it caused users to be unable to download filter fles with following updates for one day. This has been fixed plus in the fix, it causes a users downloads of the daily files to be faster. This is because during the download it no longer checks to see if the file exists which takes time. Instead it just gets the file and if it is not there it ignores the request.

02262006 - Chartsmart Browser WEB LINKS option is now in the browser not on a separate menu.

02262006 - When you click on the chart, the quote window appears with price and indicator information. You can now move the window and its position will be saved.

02262006 - There are now 2 web browser options when you click on the globe. Go to DISPLAY and MISC SETTINGS and option 13 allows you to switch. The chartsmart browser will display your default browser whereas the Internet Explorer option only displays IE. Use F5 for the web links menu.

02232006 - On the main menu there is now a globe which will display and intraday quote for the displayed chart. Other globes allow for full lists of quotes in the ZWTCH, LIST, PORT, GRP and ALERTS menus.

02192006 - Users can now go to TOOLS and turn on a self learning feature. This feature allows the users to stop the display of a chart on a specific date before the end of the chart. The user can then evaluate the chart on that date then display the remainder of the chart testing their predictions.

02152006 - Users can access intraday quote lists of their portfolios, watch lists, list button, grp button and alerts button from the web. F5 menu has been changed slightly too.

01202006 - Under the alerts you can now doubleclick on the symbol to view the chart.

01202006 - Under TOOLS there is now a PRICE ALERTS option where one can set their price alerts and run screens for those companies.

01162006 - In the INFO button it showed the open, high, low, close to 3 decimal places under stock prices of 10 cents but it should show 3. decimal places under $1.00. fixed. Also applies to the change in price for stocks under $1.00.

01092006 - In the Port and Zwtch buttons the quick summaries have a checkbox option to view the stocks in the list with red (down on the day) and green (up on the day) backgrounds.

01092006 - Under FILE when in the Charting or Filter Menu there is a an option to save screen to a bmp file and a jpg file. This brings up a menu to save screenshots of ChartSmart charts and filters then send then via email to a specific address as an attachment.

12292005 - Manual sorting in zwtch was not working properly after selecting a different watch list.

12162005 - Scale for Williams % R changed to negative.

12112005 - Under the INFO button the new data for close, open, high, low, change were to 2 decimals but now under $.10 they show to 3 decimals.

12032005 - Added PREVIEW buttons when you go to PRINT FILTERED LIST. This is so one can view the filtered list they will be printing before starting the print job.

12032005 - Some indicators were slightly shifted to the left of the price bars as the screen resolution was higher. All indicators are in line with the price/volume bars now.

12032005 - For arithmetic and candlestick charts, when there were 2 indicator bars on the bottom of the chart, the price scale sometimes displayed prices that would overlap. Fixed.

12032005 - Under the PORT button there is now an option to sort portfolios alphabetically.

12032005 - In the annotiations when one ran screens of breaking up or below trendlines, or just clicking VIEW CHARTS then an error window might display. This is repaired.

12032005 - When doing cdn news filters under the special tab or under VIEW CHARTS under TOOLS and IN THE CDN NEWS the resulting filtered lists did not include symbols with . in them such as CVE.P or BBD.MV.B. This is fixed.

12032005 - We had many comments that to run a screen with IN THE CDN NEWS or in MEMOS doing VIEW CHARTS, one was limiited to just that screen. Anywhere there is a button VIEW CHARTS in ChartSmart the screen was limited to that group. In order to do further screens on the group one had to import the last filtered list to a watch list then go to the filter menu and make a new screen including the watch list in the screen with the other criteria. Now there is a new criteria tab in the filter menu called STOCKS IN YOUR LAST FILTERED LIST. This way if you run a screen with VIEW CHARTS you can simply create a filter set in the filter menu with STOCKS IN YOUR LAST FILTERED LIST then any other criteria you want.

11252005 - In Backtesting, a VIEW THEM button was added so one can view the charts that are deleted from the backtest because they are stocks that may have been trading at the time the backtest was done but they no longer trade now. If left in they would skew the returns downward.

11232005 - Screen size emulation has been adjusted slightly so 640x480 is not longer an option as ChartSmart Screens exceed this plus the screen has been adjusted slightly to adjust for chart sizes.

11232005 - In the backtesting menu (pro users) a checkbox has been added on the bottom left so that one can backtest their watch lists, portfolios, etc by placing them in ones last filtered list. In addition one can backtest the stocks in the last filtered list that also meet other technical screen criteria.

11202005 - Under the INFO butto a few boxes have been added to include trading information including change for the last update. Also eps and div decimals have been increased to 3 places from 2.

11202005 - When a user is using 800x600 resolution the charts have been raised slightly so they display above the task bar.

11192005 - When a user is on trial, when they click on the EXIT button it allows them to email us comments whether they choose to subscribe or not.

11192005 - When entering criteria for a screen, for example under the FUND tab, there sometimes is a buton that CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON HOW THIS SCREEN IS DISTRIBUTED FOR VARIOUS COMPANIES. Sometimes this gave errors or the chart was inaccurate. Fixed now.

11182005 - In the export of historical data there were some problems selecting the format eg. dbf but corrected.

11172005 - For ChartSmart pro users, under the backtest downloader under tools, one could select to automatically download the backtest files daily. If one had custom formulas then backtest files required would be included in the daily download for them to which could slow the daily download. We added a check box to give the user the option to include the formulas requiring historical variables (hence backtest files) in the daily download or not.

11172005 - When in ZWTCH and importing data from a text file, if the text file was in a folder that had a blank in it like [my documents], the import would not work. Now fixed.

11152005 - Under the zwtch menu if one clicks on ISSUED they can move symbols in the zwtch list manually as long as the symbol sorting feature is off.

11122005 - Search engine database for custom formulas format improved.

11122005 - Was a problem with filter files required if did not have them..

11082005 - Fixed export probem with daily and historical. They export text files fine to directory names with a space in them (eg. my documents) but other formats like dbf, xl5, and wks did not.

11082005 - MAJOR FEATURE - Alert put in when entering custom formulas if characters entered has exceeded the 254 max.

11082005 - MAJOR FEATURE - Added checkbox option to auto click REFRESH SYSTEM button after a successful download.

10272005 - MAJOR FEATURE - When one would enter the filter menu or switch screens the hourglass would display for a few seconds. This process has been cut down by at least 80%.

10272005 - When in EXPORT FILTER TO TEXTFILE it did not work if the installaton directory for ChartSmart had a blank int he name such as "program files". It would work if it was c:\csmart for example. Remedied now.

10262005 - The menu for the INFO button is now in the upper left like other menus on the Chart Screen rather than auto centered.

10262005 - There was a problem that if in ZWTCH the sorting of the lists was set to something other than SYMBOL then when one would go into the LIST or PORT button the names of symbols listed might not be displayed, just the symbols. Corrected. Also if the sorting order in ZWTCH was set to NONE then this caused an unviewable sorting error.

10262005 - There was a problem when running screens using YOU SPECIFY custom calculated lists. If other criteria are in the list where the criteria resulted in a null set (eg price>10000000), which should result in an empty filtered list, if there were also a custom calculated list, it would get calculated independently of the previous null set and the screen results would be for the custom calculated list which might not be a null set.

10262005 - MAJOR FEATURE - Changed Size of menus (ZWTCH, LIST, MEMOS, GRP, and PORT buttons) so that they extend to the bottom of a 600x800 resolution screen setting. On higher resolutions they extend down less, the higher the resolution. This allows more data to appears in the menus.

10252005 - Enabled charts to come closer in line at the bottom with the top of the Windows Start Menu bar for resolutions with height of 768 and 1024.

10252005 - Increase height of menu for smry button and next buttons.

10242005 - In the backtesting option, in the 2 combo boxes that allow selection of the ranges of dates for backtesting, the dates were not sorted which has now beend corrected.

10242005 - Adjust timing of dates for split adjustment in backtesting. Was missing our deleting stocks by 1 day.

10222005 - When click on maintenance and fixing bad custom data, it deleted the daily data, deleted the filter files, zapped the master file, but now it also deletes the backtest file if it is there so a correction can be made.

10192005 - When adx was on the qte window showed highs and lows when there was no volume.

10192005 - In Port, List and Zwtch you can now dblclick on name or symbol to display chart.

10192005 - MAJOR FEATURE - When zooming weekly or daily charts the news bars widen so they are easier to click on.

10192005 - Added new alternate search engine. To turn on go to DISPLAY then MISC DISPLAY SETTINGS then turn on option 12.

10192005 - Problem with Fibonacci retracement and fan when reversed has been fixed.

10192005 - Problem with MACD not displaying fixed.

10192005 - MAJOR FEATURE - Changed update menu in ChartSmart so shows build and go to web for current version info.

10192005 - Made it so when someone goes to custom formulas specify and is in the directory it will unzip it and delete it. Note that this will also delete the in the edge2000 directory when going to the custom formulas area.

10192005 - Added the second obv line to the on balance volume options.

10192005 - MAJOR FEATURE - There was a problem printing the filtered list for the 10 headings for non filter lists like watch lists. Should print all fields now.

10192005 - MAJOR FEATURE - Feature put in so that when you are in YOU SPECIFY and go to CREATE FORMULA, you can click on a button to download a database of custom formulas. Upon doing so you can then click on a button to see the search engine for all custom formulas.

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