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Sample Formulas with Basic Variables

In the following we have listed some sample formulas using basic variables (no historical variables - where there is a number in the front). When you go to the YOU SPECIFY tab and enter a formula for any of the custom calculated lists, you can paste one of the formulas below to see how it works. These are only a few examples and the possibilities are limitless. Just remember the variables you can list shown above and that you can only backtest as far back as you have backtest files for. If you for example download all backtest files in the last 50 days you will be able to set variables with numbers in front of them up to 50 days back.

1) Basic Formula Sample - This simple formula shows just a basic screen saying the closing price for the current day was over $10.00 and the volume on the current day was over 100000 shares.


2) EPS is up each yr in last 5 yrs - This formula uses some of the fundamentals variables. Specifically one is able to specify that earnings are up in each year over the past 5 years.


3) Price Gap - This formula specifis that todays low is above the previous days high, thereby creating a price gap. You could be more specific and specify that the distance is a specific percentage also.


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